23 October 2016 sermon – Luke 17:20-37 – Watch Where the Vultures Descend

When will Jesus be returning again, to judge the world?  It’s expected to come, from Daniel 7-12 and Jesus comments on what that will be like.  He said that those days will be like those of Noah (where people were warned for about 100 years that God was going to judge them, but they ignored the warning signs).  They will be like the days of Lot, where people were so used to evil that even young and old could no longer discern between good and evil any more.  Today I preached on this from Luke 17:20-37 (c.f. Genesis 19:1-26) Given all the dangerous things that are going on today like ‘gay marriage’ and the social indoctrination of children into homosexuality, this is an extremely relevant passage – these days really are like the Son of Man, and perhaps in my lifetime the Lord will return.

God bless, Pastor Haydn.


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