Pastor Haydn’s Devotion – Confidently Approaching God (6th of November 2016)

Georges River Congregational Church Devotion from Pastor Haydn –

Significant in Christ: We Can Confidently Approach


One of the best measures of any relationship is the level of trust that one party has towards the other; in therapy groups this is tested when one person in a couple stands in front of the other, puts her hands on her chest, closes her eyes, and falls back while her husband catches her.  The couples in trouble are always the ones where one partner demurs because she cannot (or will not) trust the other.

Such problems happen either because we have trusted those unsafe people, or our stubborn pride gets in the way because we hate feeling dependent and want to be ‘in control’.  Without forgiveness overcoming the former, we can end up becoming the latter. Perhaps you grew up in a generation where children were ‘to be seen and not heard’, or had abusive elders who told you to ignore your needs in favour of the needs of others.  That too is a tragedy because if that lie is never overcome, then you will forever feel false guilt for asking to have your needs met. 

In Christ, no Christian need worry about this – God the Father tells us that we can approach Him boldly with confidence (Ephesians 3:12).  That does not imply that we simply approach Him any old how with any empty thing that takes our fancy (Ecclesiastes 5:1-2; Deuteronomy 16:6).  However, we can approach Him boldly in the sense that we fear no distance from Him or rejection.

The contrast with this is in the Old Testament, where no person could ever approach God, except for the High Priest on the national Day of Atonement (Leviticus 16).  The rules about approaching God were very specific (Hebrews 9:1), being designed to keep sinful people as far away from God personally as possible.  But on the day that Jesus died on the cross, the curtain in the Temple that separated us from God was torn (Matt. 27:51).  We were given total, unadulterated access to God! 

This is such good news – we can approach God any time anywhere with any issue, and He will always listen to us.  Are you afraid to tell Him what you need out of fear or pride?  Seek His help and forgiveness for that, because He longs to hear from you; after all, He sent Jesus to die so that very thing can happen.

God bless, Pastor Haydn.


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