26 March 2017 sermon – Luke 22:24-38 – Man’s Dark Heart in Jesus’ Darkest Hour

When Jesus was about to die to atone for sin, all His disciples could do was defend themselves (Luke 22:23) and advance their own sense of self-importance (v. 24).  When Peter, the head of the disciples, was told that Satan had demanded to test his faith, he didn’t admit his weakness; like us, he thought himself above prayer, above the power of Satan, and competent in his own ‘strength’.  In the end, that horribly backfired.  What about us Christians today?  How strong are we where we are standing, and do we intercede for ourselves to stand firm?  Here is my sermon on these things from Luke 22:24-38 (c.f. Psalm 22:1-21).

God bless, Pastor Haydn.


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