Pastor Haydn’s Devotion – A Warning for the Spiritually Naïve (7th of May 2017)

Weekly Church Devotion from Pastor Haydn Sennitt –

A Warning for the Spiritually Naïve

These days it is not hard to find people who say they are of the house of God and follow Jesus with passionate devotion.  They probably care a lot about people, and may even have great success in being faithful and true, even though they have a rudimentary understanding of the Bible.  They are known more for just ‘getting things done’, rather than discussing finer points of doctrine, and are great at encouraging and having a good meal with someone. 

But one of their most profound weaknesses is that they can be so naïve, spiritually speaking, even though they have no bad intentions.  They listen to worldly music like the average non-Christian, act and dress like them, and breathe in the spiritual air around them with little sense of deeper discernment.  They probably don’t mean to do so, but their actions tend to bring others down with them just through sheer carelessness and a cavalier ‘she’ll be right’ attitude.  This can be dangerous because they’re not meaning to harm others but they can do so almost with their eyes closed.

In the book of Revelation 2:12-17, the church of Pergamum was very much like this.  Some there had been martyred ‘where Satan dwells’ (2:13).  And yet, oddly enough, their persecution had failed to give them a finely honed sense of spiritual acumen.  Jesus accuses them of following teaching of the man Bala’am in the book of Numbers (the guy with the talking donkey).  This teaching encouraged godly people to eat food sacrificed to idols (which = participating in pagan idolatry) and sexual perversion (2:14).  They also followed other strange teachings (2:15).  This church is in great danger because Jesus threatens to come at them with a sword swinging at them from His mouth (2:16,12b). 

If we are guilty of this, there is an urgency to pray this over and seek God’s forgiveness.  Ask Him to show you where you are worldly and for His help to change and be pure, and to stand firmer on God’s Word and have a sharper sense of spiritual discernment.  Are you swearing, watching movies, participating in witchcraft, or even joking around crudely and thereby encouraging others to do so, even by accident?  Do you want to make others stumble, even if you don’t plan to be?  If you’re doing so, know that it’s serious, and you need as soon as possible to change it.  Without reading God’s Word, you won’t know what dangers to look for, so read it every day!  If we do, God will reward us with a brand new name that only we will know, and will give us His heavenly food (2:17).

~ God bless, Pastor Haydn.


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