Pastor Haydn’s Devotion – Where Do You Stand with God? (4th of June 2017)

Weekly Church Devotion from Pastor Haydn Sennitt –

Where Do You Stand with God?

One of the most difficult things at times is knowing where you stand with people who offer competing positions.  A boss is angry that an exorbitant amount of money was stolen but doesn’t take the issue to the police.  Five year old Cindy cries her eyes out that her toy Froggy got thrown in the rubbish, but two minutes later, she’s playing with Barbie as if Froggy never existed.  In such situations, the question we scratch our heads over is, “What does this person really want?” 

It’s worse when you’re with someone who is passionately interested in something one moment, but then cold with it the next.  Imagine being married to a person who treated you like that … Who could stand it? 

In Revelation 3:14-22, the Laodicean church was a fellowship that was playing these games with God.  It was neither passionately on fire, nor was it cold (3:15); it had ceased to be hot for God (v. 19), and Jesus is so revolted by it, that He wanted to vomit it out of His mouth (3:16).  Vomiting is violent action that springs from deep inside a person’s body, to remove a toxin that is dangerous, so for Jesus to say this is incredibly potent. 

Their wealth had caused this problem (3:17; James 4:1-3, 5:1-5), because it gave them a false self-assurance.  As money often does, it caused their passion to wane and divided their loyalties (Matt 6:24), which weakened their joy for God as they put comfort first.

We really need to face the possibility that this is us.  Being church attendees, as with Laodicea, is not enough; we are meant to be zealous or passionate for Jesus not sleepy and little-here-little-there (Titus 2:14).  This means coming to church not just to eat morning tea and see our friends or out of dry duty, but because we are there to encounter God and hear from Him who loves us.  We exist to grow more like Jesus morning and evening (Psalm 1:2), not to stagnate.  Let us both repent and become zealous (Revelation 3:19), to get searing hot for Jesus by reading His Word daily and coming to Him in prayer, passionate for God’s glory to be seen in the world.  Let us obey Him, that our joy be full, lest He vomit us out with His mouth.

~ God bless, Pastor Haydn.


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