My Joshua Bible Studies

From 2016-2017, I took my church through the book of Joshua in our weekly Bible study.  I translated the text from Hebrew and wrote questions that were designed to not merely fill the head with Bible information about Joshua, but to provoke deeper personal/devotional thought to reach the heart through the head, and to impact practical living.  (In accordance with the Heart-Head-Hands model of John Frame that I adhere to).

The feedback from participants was quite positive; as one person said to me, it wasn’t just abstract, fluffy theological insight that you would find in a heavy book of biblical theology, but practical.  Some even said that although they had read and taught Joshua for many years prior, this Bible series helped them to understand the book at a much deeper and personal level.  

So I have put them here for others to benefit from.  Feel free to use them for yourself, as long as you acknowledge authorship.  Each Bible study has:

1) the chapter/s from Joshua that I’d translated (including notes on the Hebrew text, where relevant);

2) comprehension questions from each chapter;

3) personal application questions; and

4) answers for the comprehension questions.  These are all in PDF format.

Joshua 1 Bible Study

Joshua 2 Bible Study

Joshua 3 Bible Study

Joshua 4 Bible Study

Joshua 5 Bible Study

Joshua 6 Bible Study

Joshua 7 Bible Study

Joshua 8 Bible Study

Joshua 9 Bible Study

Joshua 10 Bible Study

Joshua 11 Bible Study

Joshua 12-22 Bible Study

Joshua 23-24 Bible Study


~ God bless, Pastor Haydn.  


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