16 July 2017 Sermon – Exodus 8 – Yahweh vs. the Gods: Rounds 2-4

In this next chapter of Exodus, God brings upon Egypt three more plagues (frogs, gnats, and a swarm).  Pharaoh STILL hardens his heart, and as such the plagues get harder and heavier.   With the frogs and especially the gnats, the plagues actually get in people’s homes and then all over their bodies – as such their impact is becoming more direct and personal …  The pain stops, but as soon as things improve, pharaoh hardens his heart again, proving that his ‘regret’ is not genuine.  This occurs even as he grudgingly recognises that he is both the source of Egypt’s afflictions, as well as their solution.  Here is my sermon on this from Exodus 8 (c.f. Revelation 8:1-9 ).

God bless, Pastor Haydn.

This is quite a funny video connected with the plague of the frogs in Exodus 8:


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