30 July 2017 Sermon – Exodus 10 – Yahweh vs. the Gods: Rounds 8-9

In these next two plagues of judgement, things get really bad between Egypt (pharaoh) and God.  Yahweh smites Egypt with locusts which devour even the crops left over from the hail in Exodus 9.  This means that Egypt will have a massive famine, which could result in widespread starvation, disease, and even the annihilation of Egypt itself.  After that is the plague of darkness, which is God casting judgement upon the high-up gods of the Egyptian pantheon, which all involved worship of the sun.  Pharaoh himself was said to be the radiance of the sun that brought illumination to the world.  

Fighting God results in death, but loving Him, seeking His salvation, and walking in obedience brings with it blessing.  God is patient in warning people, but if they do not have a change of heart which only He can bring – things will only get painful for believers and non-believers alike.  Here is my sermon on these themes from Exodus 10 (c.f. Revelation 9:1-12).

God bless, Pastor Haydn.


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