Pastor Haydn’s Devotion – “Fighting Pharaoh’s Flinging” (10th of September 2017)

There are two classes of who have been persecuted more than any other: Jews and Christians.  But Pharaoh-Hitler of long ago [in Exodus 1:22] found his persecution of Israel a boomerang which swung back and smote himself; so have others ever since.

Old-time Egypt is a type of ‘this world’.  Pharaoh is a type of Satan, [and] whenever the Egyptian Gestapo found a newborn Hebrew male, they ordered, ‘In the name of Pharaoh, slay that babe!’ … Surely that is Satan’s word about the new convert.  The ‘god of this age’ binds the minds of ‘them which believe not’ … yet souls become saved!  Then, when Satan cannot prevent conversion, he seeks to slay the new-born convert.  As pharaoh flung those new-born souls into the Nile, so would Satan fling the infant Christian into the swirling current of ‘this present evil world’. 

Young believer, beware!  Satan … knows, even perhaps more than you yourself yet do, what a great thing conversion to Christ is … Satan will spread his net to catch you.  He will try to sow weeds to choke the ‘good seed’ in your mind.  He will come as an ‘angel of light’ to deceive you; or as a ‘roaring lion’ to scare you … he will try to deny you food [and] if he cannot at once fling you back into the river of Egypt, he will try to stave you to death by keeping you from the written Word.  Or he will try to discourage you into unbelief.  Christian be warned; though at the same time be comforted, for ‘greater is He that is in you than he who is in the world’ (1 John 4:4).  Read your Bible regularly.  Maintain fellowship with other believers.  Make time for daily prayer.  Then you will really prove that Jesus both saves and keeps.

[The Devil] may let us get away with committees and organisations galore, so long as they keep us busy INSIDE church; but the resolve to ‘go out into the highways and hedges’ and bring the unsaved to Jesus – that infuriates the evil old Pharaoh. Do not be surprised, soulwinner, if discouragements come. The enemy will drown your high resolve if he can. Keep on! Your witness-bearing is a ‘goodly child’, like Moses; and God will certainly use it.

–  Sidlow Baxter, September 5 devotion, in ‘Awake, My Heart’. (Emphases are the author’s.)

~ God bless, Pastor Haydn.


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