8 October 2017 Pastor Haydn’s Sermon – Exodus 18 – Each Man His Place

Often we load up our own backs with extra burdens and responsibilities, even ones that God never intended us to assume.  But do we stop?  Do we get advice from others – and do we heed that advice?  Too many people take on unnecessary burdens and even think that their wasteful busy-ness is godly and productive when it’s actually the very opposite.  Moses does both, and becomes bogged down in settling disputes among the 2 million that he had lead of Egypt.  That is a crushing weight and so he delegates, but as Moses discovered the godliest thing to do is often to say ‘No’.  Here is my sermon on these themes from Exodus 18 (c.f. Acts 6:1-7).

God bless, Pastor Haydn.


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