18 February 2018 Pastor Haydn’s Sermon – What is Church?: A Kaleidoscope

The early church at Thessalonica was like a pebble in a pond – as Christ suffered, so did the apostle Paul, as did the Thessalonians, as will we.  And because of that, other Christians at that time were encouraged (1:7) and Christ was powerfully advertised to the world (1:8). Is that what we in the church are like today, or have we gone soft through worldly comfort?  Have we truly turned from the dumb idols that we secretly worship (like others’ approval and smug self-satisfaction, or love of comfort) to whole-heartedly follow the true and living God (1:9-10)?  Have we learned the joy of the Spirit through much affliction?  If not, it’s likely to be the reason why we’re not really looking like a church.  Here is my sermon on this from 1 Thessalonians (데살로니가전서) 1:6-10 (c.f. Ruth 1:11-18).

God bless, Pastor Haydn.


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