Life: God’s Merry Merry-Go-Round? – Pastor Haydn’s Sermon – 10th of June 2018

You can build everything for yourself, be a “self-made” man, and all the rest but it will just leave you empty.  You can get stuff but then you may end up objectifying people (and treating them like objects), but it won’t fill you.  You can pursue as much earthly pleasure as you like, but will it fill you?  Quite the contrary, says The Assembler (King Solomon) who wrote the biblical book of Ecclesiastes: It will keep you searching and at the end of life you will find yourself out of right relationship with God.  But if loving God is your greatest pleasure, then you will always be satisfied.  Here is my sermon on this from Ecclesiastes 2:1-14 (c.f. Matthew 16:24-27).  This is Ecclesiastes 2.1-14 Readings (English)

God bless, Pastor Haydn.

Next week’s sermon: To Be or Not Be a Fool? (Matthew 6:25-32, Ecclesiastes 2:15-26).


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